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Great designed fashion cord handles come with flexibility and easy to assemble function. Not only the color of cord can be custom ordered, but also the length of cords and the color of end-tip hardware attachments. Depending on your designs and application we can make a custom cord handle for you with a small quantity minimum order of 100 pieces.

All Listed Pricing  are Wholesale Prices.
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As Small Order As One Bag - Are Welcome !  Great For Sample Order or Personal Use

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Fashion Cord Purse Handles

Quantity Pricing / Per Piece


D" x L"

D x L cm






HS-090-14-(cord color)-(end tip color)








HS-090-21-(cord color)-(end tip color)








1. Cord Colors:
    Black -01, Brown -02, Red -03, Pink -04, Sky Blue -05, Fluorescent Green -06, Ivory -07, Metallic Gold -91, Metallic Silver-92.
2. End-Tips: Nickel-NK, Black Nickel-BN, Gold-GD,  Antique Brass-AB Color
Please check our web for in stock end tip colors for each color of cord.
4. Custom length, custom color of cord  and custom color of end-tip available with a small minimum quantity order of 100 pieces.
5. Custom order: pricing will be depending on your designs - call for detail.
6. Delivery schedule for custom order of cord handles: Apx. 21 working days.

Optional:  Suggested Hooks: HK-Q11 or HK-12

Purse Hooks: Purse, Cigar Box, Wooden Box, Jewelry Box & Handbag Hooks For All Half Ring Handles: Go To Top

Metal Handbag Hooks: $4.00/per bag of 10 pcs (with order of handbag handle at the same time)

Metal Handbag Hooks: $6.00/per bag of 10 pcs (if you order the handbag hooks only)

All  handbag/purse hooks: gold , nickel, antique brass and black nickel color available.


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(All quantity pricing break are based on the same model #, same color and same size,
as long as any difference exists, then it can’t be combined together as one quantity break.)

Any quantity of orders are welcome, but for any item, if the quantity ordered is listed on the first column of pricing list, it will be treated as small sample order. Therefore CANNOT be returned or exchanged. All items sold by the foot, such as cords, rhinestone chains, etc, will be considered as a custom order, and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged.
All merchandise returned must be within 30 day of the day shipped; with a 15% of minimum restocking fee. All shipping charges are not refundable.
Custom or special orders can NOT be returned or exchanged.

(All pricing are subject to change without notice, call for current pricing)

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