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We supply stylish purse and handbag fabrics at discount and wholesale prices. Our R&D department always keep hunting new fabric material like cotton , silk, linen, wool, blends, synthetics, polyester, nylon, fleecy velvet,  faux fur, woven fleece and Micro fiber fabrics. Those stylish fashion fabrics are great for making designer handbags, purses, tote bags, carrying bags, travel bags, novelty, tote bags, home decorating, upholstery, hats, headwear, clothing and all kind of designer hand bags' sewing needs. You can buy a great variety of fabrics at wholesale and discount prices from our online fabric stores. Fabric by the yard are available for small fabric sewing projects. Please check our online DIY wholesale fabric stores for more fabric supplies information.
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Ready to Use
Faux Fur Fabric
Ready to Use

Handbag & Purse Straps
Purse & Handbag Strap Hooks

Purse Strap Rings
Fabric Catalog - Faux Fur Fabrics For Faux Fur Fabric Purses, Handbags, Totes and Hand Bags Sewing Catalogs Ez-Adjustable Purse Straps and Handbag Straps: Printed Hand Bag Strap Supplies. Strap Hook Catalog: Ez-Adjustable Handbag and Purse Strap Hooks: For Leather, Plastic and Fabric Straps. Easy Install and Easy Assemble Purse Rings, Handbag Strap Round and Oval Ring Buckle Catalogs: For Handbag, Purse, Tote Bag, Wooden Cigar Box, Travel Bag, Carrying Bag or Hand Bag Straps.  
Leopard Print
Ivory Color
Sand Color Long Hair
Cream Color Long-Hair
Caramel Color
Camouflage Purse Straps and Printed Camo Handbag Straps Leopard Print Purse Straps and Printed Leopard Handbag Straps Cow Print Pattern Purse Straps and Printed Moo Cow Spot Pattern Handbag Straps Blue Plaid Print Purse Straps and Printed Blue Plaid Handbag Straps Red Plaid Print Purse Straps and Printed Red Plaid Handbag Straps
Peach Color
Moss Green Color
Pumpkin Color
Happy Face Purse Straps and Printed Smiling Face Handbag Straps Zebra Print Purse Straps and Printed Zebra Handbag Straps Tiger Print Purse Straps and Printed Big Cat Handbag Straps    

Designer Handbag, Designer Purse, Cigar Box Purse, Cigar Purse, Jewelry Box, Wooden Box Hardware - Beades Handles

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You are viewing UMX > Handbag, Purse, Cigar Box > Fabrics Supplies: Wholesale Fabric Store For Purse, Handbag, Tote Bag, Hand Bag and Clothing Fabric Sewing.

Type of Fabric on the market:

Apparel Fabrics:
Faux fur, wool, couturier, silk, fleece, suiting & sportswear, knit, corduroy, lace, lycra & stretches, rayon, denim, bridal, linen, flannel, velvet, velveteen & velour, lining, terry cloth, utility, shirting, twill, poplin & broadcloth, sequined, scrub, cotton quilting

Quilt and craft Fabrics:
Amy butlers, cotton, fat quarters, novelty quilts, floral, crafts, flannel, animal print quilting, extra wide, homespun's, solid, muslin, canvas quilting, nature, abstract, coordinating, children's cotton, hand dyed batik quilting

Home decorating Fabrics:
Discount upholstery, drapery, Waverly, linen, traditional, floral home decor, contemporary, toile, silk, damask & jacquard, chenille , sheer , denim, corduroy & twill, trims, tassels & fringe, stripe & check, table top, faux leather, outdoors, tapestry, velvet, solid, suede, canvas & Osnaburg, drapery lining, vinyl, fleece throw, sewing notions & accessories, chalk cloth, home decorating yardage charts, velvets, suede, damask & jacquard, faux leather.

We are wholesale stores with factory direct wholesale low cost. Please check our online fabric store for more stylish purse and handbag making fabrics.

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You are viewing UMX > Handbag, Purse, Cigar Box > Fabrics Supplies: Wholesale Fabric Store For Purse, Handbag, Tote Bag, Hand Bag and Clothing Fabric Sewing.