Safety Lanyard
The Easy Breakaway and Detachable Lanyard with Great Safety Function.

The lanyard specially design for safety function for special environmental working condition such as factory worker. With different way of safety protection and easy to break away design to let you feel more comfortable when you are warring lanyard. You can add-on the keyring, snap hook, ID holder, badge holder, cell phone hanging hooks, clips and with variety of color webbing option.
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LY-502 Velcro Safety Breakaway Lanyard  

LY403- Custom Logo Breakaway Lanyards LY-CC403 - Safety Breakaway Plastic Connector
lanyards-ly402-403-sample1-4.jpg (24339 bytes) plastic safety break-away connector

LY-502 Safety Breakaway lanyard Detachable Safety Breakaway Velcro Fastener
velcro safety breakaway lanyard velcro safety breakaway lanyard 502d

LY-501 Safety Breakaway Lanyard P149 - Safety Breakaway Plastic Buckle
safety breakaway lanyard 501 safety breakaway plastic buckle p149

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