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Badge holders are great products to wear and to display security ID card or name badge identification information. They also provide a great way to protect your badges or ID cards from damage or bending. We are a manufacturer of ID badge holders and their hardware accessories for access control systems. We offer factory direct wholesale discount low cost to general public buyers for rigid ID card holders or name tags. We supply a variety of vinyl clear plastic badge holders with the most popular sizes, colors, designs, and styles for photo ID identification security systems. Our supper large ticket holders are made to hold tickets, IDs and promotional advertising material. We are a supplier of discounted name badge holder and ID holder supplies for school, college or university students, conventions, trade show giveaways, exhibits, EXPO, corporations, state or federal government offices, military, events, meetings, sports, seminars, concerts, parties, hospitals, nursing home, churches, chain stores, membership, fund raising, businesses, and company badges etc.
We maintain all of our
plain, blank rigid, or hard plastic badge holders in stock for immediate shipment.
Holders with custom printed, custom designs or custom sizes are available with faster turn around time !
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On Sale, Package Deal, Rigid, LeatherZip Lock, Magnetic, Adhesive
Pre-Printed, Custom Printed, Custom Size
Best Seller
ID Name Badge Holders
3 1/2"(w)
x2 1/2"(h)

Credit Card Size
ID Card Holders
Open Slot
Rigid ID Holder
Enclosed Slot
Rigid Card Holder
Hard Plastic Holder With Rotating Clips
Name Badge Holders - Manufacturer Factory Direct ID Card Holders - Manufacturers and Suppliers Rigid Access Control Card Holder Frosted Rigid Plastic Badge Holder Multi-Function/Multi Usage Rigid ID Card Holder.
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Best Seller
Low Cost
Badge Holders
3 1/2"(w)
x2 1/2"(h)

Credit Card Size
Badge Holders
Custom Logo Imprinted ID Badge Holders 4"(w)x3"(h)
Color Back Ground
Convention Badges
Plain & Custom Printed.
Color Stripe
Even IDs
 Plain, Pre-Printed & Custom Printed.
Badge Holders Manufacturers and Suppliers - Low Cost Model
Badge Holder
 Schematic Detail
Badge Holders Schematic - Credit Card or Business Card Size
Badge Holders
Schematic Detail
Custom Logo Imprinted ID Holders with Custom Design and Custom Size: For Plastic ID Cards.
Imprinting on Any Badge Holder
Color Convention Badge Holders Color Holders With Stripes For Plain, Pre-Printed and Custom Imprinted Event IDs.
Most Popular Size Vertical Holders Plain, Zip Locked & Custom Printed. LY-EC-32-BH180
Lanyard + Holder

Package Deal:
 Super Low Budge

Package Deal:
 Super Low Cost

Small Money
For Big Event
Package Deal:
Adjustable Length

High Quality
Leather Style
Leather Badge Holder
For Your Fashion Name Badges
The Most Popular Size of Vertical Holders For Name Badges and IDs. Super low budge pre-assembled badge holder lanyard package. Super low cost pre-assembled ID  holder lanyard package. Adjustable Length and Pre-Assembled Name Badge Holder + Lanyard Package. Leather Name Badge Holders and Leather ID Badge Holders
Heavy Duty
Durable and Heavy Duty
Plastic Badge Holders
Ticket Holders Supplies
Big Size ID Badge Holder
Custom ID Holder
 with Custom Size & Custom Design
Complete Set of
Custom Lanyards with Custom Badge Holders
Luggage Tag Loops
Plastic Name Tag Straps
Plastic Badge Holders: Durable and Heavy Duty Plastic Holder Supplies. Ticket Holders/Sports Tickets/Season Ticket Holder Supplies - Wholesalers Custom ID Holders with Custom Design and Custom Size: For Plastic ID Card. Complete Set of Custom ID Holders With Custom Logo Imprinted Lanyards For ID Cards. Plastic luggage tag loop or plastic name tag straps
Custom Holders With Variety of Custom Designs, Custom Sizes and Custom Imprints With High Resolution Silk Screen Imprinting or Photo Quality Full Color Printed.
Custom Printed, Custom Size and Custom Designed Holders.

On Sale, Package Deal, Rigid, LeatherZip Lock, Magnetic, Adhesive
Pre-Printed, Custom Printed, Custom Size

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Free Artworks, Full Custom Imprinting Colors Available

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We do custom badge holders with custom selections of different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, hardware attachments, custom designs and printed logos to fit your plastic ID cards or ID readers. We are discount ID badge holder supplies wholesaler, supplier, vendor, manufacturer, retailer, distributor, exporter and importer. We are your one stop wholesale ID store to buy badge holder and to shop ID supply online. We wholesale our vinyl badge holders, pouches, and ID supplies to domestic and international ID cards, name badges, ID tags, name tags, and sports ticket holder wholesale stores, ID accessory shops, wholesalers, suppliers, ID hardware manufacturers, printer dealers, ID service providers, software retailers, card reader distributors, exporters and importers. We keep a variety of badge holders and hardware accessory supplies in stock for sale online with discounted cost. We will ship your order immediately. If you need a custom made or custom designed model, just give us a call, our factory designer will custom design and custom make it for you, with fast delivery schedule.

Safety concerns have been raised about wearing security badges after 911, September 11, 2001. More and more government facility, airports, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, laboratories, factories, warehouse, sports, convention, events, meeting, trade shows, exhibit, EXPO, company, association, clubs and corporate are required to wear security badges. With security becoming tighter ID badge holders have become a must worn. Today, nearly everyone carries multiple identification cards (IDs), issued by multiple public and private organizations. Such IDs include driverís licenses, membership cards, credit cards, and corporate identification badges for secured access control systems.

The primary purpose of an ID is to identify the holder as having particular rights, privileges, and responsibilities. IDs verify a personís identity, both to the system that issued the I.D.  ID systems may operate completely within a organization such as employee ID, or span multiple organizations, such as across state or federal government departments, between domestic or international businesses and their customers, or extend out to the general publics.

The durable badge holders can protect your ID cards from demagnetization. They also protect ID badges, ID cards, photo ID, name badges, ID tags or name tags from loss by holding the cards so securely that they will not fall out. They are all in an attractive, convenient, lightweight, long time wear and durable ID card holder that can fit into or clip on any clothing, pants, trouser, skirt, suit pocket, wristband, waistband, suitcase, lanyard, handbag, wallet, backpack, cell phone bag, travel case or purse to carry around safely.

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With Smaller Photo With Bigger Photo
Clip on Badge Holder Clip on ID Holder
Long Time Wear ID Holder Long Time Wear Badge Holder
Heavy Duty I.D. Holder Durable I.D. Holder
Plastic ID Holder Plastic I.D. Holder
Security Badge Holder Security ID Holder
Identification Card Holder Identification Badge Holder
Corporate Badge Holder Corporate ID Holder
School ID Holder School Badge Holder
Convention ID Holder Convention Badge Holder
EXPO ID  Holder EXPO Badge Holder
Pin On Badge Holder Pin On ID Holder
ID Holder with Badge Clip and Pin Exhibit Badge Holder
Photo ID Holder Photo Badge Holder
Company Badge Holder Company ID Holder
Top Loading ID Holder Top Loading Badge Holder
Big Badge Holder Big ID Holder
Boxing Ticket Holder Basketball Ticket Holder
Baseball Ticket Holder Football Ticket Holder
Supper Large Badge Holder Supper Large ID Holder
Credit Card Size Badge Holder Credit Card Size ID Holder
Small Size Badge Holder Small Size ID Holder
Vinyl Badge Holder Vinyl ID Holder
I.D. Badge Holder I.D. Name Holder
Vertical Badge Holder Vertical ID Holder
Security ID Holder Security I.D. Holder
Clear ID Holder Clear Badge Holder
Horizontal ID Holder Horizontal Badge Holder
Government Badge Holder Employee Badge Holder
Trade Show Badge Holder Trade Show ID Holder
Low Cost Badge Holder Low Cost ID Holder
Events Badge Holder Meeting Badge Holder
Name Tag Holder ID Tag Holder
Photo ID Badge Holder Photo ID Card Holder
Student ID Card Holder Student Badge Holder
Large Badge Holder Large ID Holder
Olympic Badge Holder Olympic ID Holder
Sports Ticket Holder Sports ID Holder
Horse Racing Ticket Holder Horse Racing ID Holder
Supper Large Ticket Holder Car Racing Ticket Holder
Most Popular Badge Holder Super Low Cost Badge Holder

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