Cord Lock, Cord Fastener, Cord Stopper - P085
Thin Thickness Round Shape - Logo Cord Lock
P085 is a one-hole thin thickness cord lock with round shape. The stand pricing comes with black color with no logo engraved. This is a small and thin thickness cord lock with the optional engraved logo to promote your company images. One the best small size cord lock series to engrave logo. The optional logo engraving will at a higher cost and will have minimum order required

Cord Lock: Logo Engraved Cord Lock, Small Cord Lock with Logo - P085

The above CANYON logo is only for your reference of how the logo will look like - not for sale. CANYON is a logo and trade mark of CANYON company.

Cord Lock, Cord Fastener, Cord Stopper cord lock, cord fastener, cord stopper pricing

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