Three Color Logo Ball Series

This logo golf balls is a special marketing tools for "Boston Celtics" with the image of basket ball imprinted on the logo balls. You can use this type of golf balls as a non expensive advertisement or sale promotional program for your business and give your customer a chance to enjoy the high quality golf balls for a distance.

boston celtics logo golf balls

  • White color blank (plain) golf balls with
  • Four sides, 3 color logos. (same logo printed on 4 side of every golf balls)
  • total 3 imprinting pads needed.
    • one pad to print: "green" color part.
    • one pad to print: the "red" color part.
    • one pad to print: the "black" color part.
  • total imprinting job needed: 3 times / per logo * 4 same logo = 12 times.
    • Per logo needs to print "green", "red" and "black" colors, equal to 3 imprinting jobs needed for one logo.

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What's the best size of logo, for logo imprinting ?


The cost of your logo golf balls
= (
the cost of white blank balls / per balls + 12-time imprinting charge / per balls) * total number of logo balls for your order
the one time set up charge of 3 pads.

300 balls - minimum order required for each different type of logo golf balls.

Order Hot Line Call: 1- (800) 921-5523

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