UMX Stainless Steel Wire Key Rings With Custom Size and Length of Steel Cable Keyring Holders Available

The RK-W01 stainless steel wire key rings come with easy-open and easy-lock round screw heads. The braided stainless steel wire string is strong enough to secure, hang, or bind heavy keychains, name tags, luggage tags, accessories, flashcards, information pamphlets, loose leaf booklets, etc. We have the 6" nickel color plated steel cable keyring holder in stock for immediate shipment. We can custom-make any length of steel wire loops or key holder for a variety of applications. They can be used on our retractable reels as an add-on too. The most popular sizes of steel wire keyring loops are 6", 12", 18", 24", 30" and 36". If you are looking for longer or shorter key ring holder wires, we can custom design one for you with fast delivery schedule.
Hint: The Greatly Designed Round Screw Head Can Link Any Number Of Steel Wire Keyrings Together To Make Them Longer!
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Steel Wire Keyrings 
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Stainless Steel Wire Keyrings / Cable Key Rings .
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Steel Cable Key Rings 

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The steel wire key holder loop is made of heavy-duty braided stainless steel cable strings. The great feature of steel wire is that it has the flexibility to be bended to different shapes and can be threaded through small holes or spacing. Steel cable keyrings are widely used to bind together a lot of different accessories too. Large-size steel wire rings are widely used as industrial key rings and are often used in motel, stockroom, or warehouse to organize keys or hanging display items etc. The threaded fastener screws on either side of the steel wire allow convenient access from both sides of the ring. If you have a special project with a specific custom size, length, design, or hardware attachment, please call for details.

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