Cigar Box Latch, Door Latch, Tool Box Latches.
LT-40: Latch Hooks Hardware Supply

The LT-40 latches can be used as cigar box latches, door latches or tool box latch.

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Cigar Box Latch, Door Latch, Tool Box Latches: LT-40
The LT-40 latches can be used as cigar box latch, doo latch or tool box latches.

  1. LT-21: Cigar Box Purse Latch, Wooden Box Latches, Box Purses Latch Lock.

  2. LT-25: Paper Box Latch, Card Board Box Latch, Cigar Box Purse Latches.

  3. LT-30: Latch With Screws - Just Screw In - Easy To Install.

  4. LT-31: Latch Hooks: For Wood Box Craft, Wooden Boxes, Box Purse or Cabinet Latches.

  5. LT-40: Antique Latch, Gold Latch, Black Nickel Color Latches.

  6. Catalogue 1: Cigar Box Purse Latch For Jewelry Box or Cardboard Cigar Box Latches

  7. Catalogue 2: Latch and Lock For Cigar Box Purses, Wood Box, Cabinet and Door Latches

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Latch: for Cigar Box Purse, Wooden Boxes, Cigar Box, Box Purses, Wood Jewelry Boxes, Paper Box, Gate, Window, Cabinet, Door, Tool Box Latches Hardware Supplies.Contact UMX:

We design and make latches for cigar box purses, cigar purses, handbags, wood boxes, wooden jewelry box, paper boxes, gates, windows, cabinet, , drawer, doors and tool box hardware supply with online simple application instructions. They can be use as locks or snap hook closures.