LT-25: Latch Hardware Supply
The LT-25 latches come with prongs for easy to install. They are compact size and light weight. They are designed for card board box, paper box, wooden boxes, cigar box purses or jewelry boxes.

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Card Board Box Latch, Cigar Box Purse Latch, Paper Box Latches: LT-25.
Card Board Box Latch, Cigar Box Purse Latch, Paper Box Latches: LT-25.

  1. LT-21: Cigar Box Purse Latch, Wooden Box Latches, Box Purses Latch Lock.

  2. LT-25: Paper Box Latch, Card Board Box Latch, Cigar Box Purse Latches.

  3. LT-30: Latch With Screws - Just Screw In - Easy To Install.

  4. LT-31: Latch Hooks: For Wood Box Craft, Wooden Boxes, Box Purse or Cabinet Latches.

  5. LT-40: Antique Latch, Gold Latch, Black Nickel Color Latches.

  6. Catalogue 1: Cigar Box Purse Latch For Jewelry Box or Cardboard Cigar Box Latches

  7. Catalogue 2: Latch and Lock For Cigar Box Purses, Wood Box, Cabinet and Door Latches

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Latch: for Cigar Box Purse, Wooden Boxes, Cigar Box, Box Purses, Wood Jewelry Boxes, Paper Box, Gate, Window, Cabinet, Door, Tool Box Latches Hardware Supplies.Contact UMX:

We design and make latches for cigar box purses, cigar purses, handbags, wood boxes, wooden jewelry box, paper boxes, gates, windows, cabinet, , drawer, doors and tool box hardware supply with online simple application instructions. They can be use as locks or snap hook closures.